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Empower the daily habits of your customers

By leveraging your Square account, to create a self-service checkout.

Components of service

Automate ordering

Enable customers to collect order-ahead items, browse your product catalogue and receive tailored rewards. All achieved through our simple, intuitive kiosk. 

Enable advance orders

Use your existing Square account and the Habits API, to enable your customers' transaction history to become order-ahead functions.

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By leveraging your Square account, to create a self-service checkout.


One-tap repeat order 

Allow consumers to...


Jump the line


Continue day stress-free


Open your catalogue to partner's apps

Habits enables merchants to find new customer reach, without any new ordering system.


Reach customers wherever they are

Enable your customers to make purchases regardless of their location. 


Add new functionality as a partner

Supercharge your app with the addition of order-ahead functionality.


Our story

Habits Technology is a young technology and design company that is redesigning the way we interact with cafes and restaurants.  The concept was born from our own experiences, always going to cafes for morning coffee and always waiting in line for the same order every day. 


Habits Technology aims to make the process easier, with the ability to tap and order in-store for repeat regular customers; as well as enabling new customers to order from a self service check-out.

Our team is dedicated to creating seamless customer experiences, using design and technology to take it to the next level.

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